Introduction to a Revisitation

By: Domina Cinara - July 28th, 2011

I‘ve never been afraid to talk openly about who and what I am.
I‘m proud of myself and very happy in the life I lead.
And the fact that others are so very interested in people like me…
Only proves that down inside, they either wish they could be like me… or be with me.

Introduction to a Revisitation

(By: Domina Cinara) A few years ago I decided to start writing a blog where I could share my thoughts on a variety of subjects relating to female domination and the BDSM community.

I had no serious plans when I started. There was no outline or objective, other than to just write whatever I felt like in a very blunt and open manner. I’d figured I’d probably do a dozen or so essays… months later it had turned into over 40 with the word count hovering around that of a small novel.

The reaction to what I had written was far greater than I had expected. Not only did the site get a large amount of traffic and a substantial following, but I also received offers to write a more developed version for possible publication (flattering, but I didn’t have even close to the time necessary to do that then, or for that matter now). While I finished the original series of essays at about 40 articles, I added over 200 more to the blog over the next year… these ranging from femdom stories and erotic audio, to domination phone sex promotions and details of events happening in my life as a dominatrix.

As these things go, the site closed down in time. I didn’t think much of it then, since I was moving on to other things. But over the two years since, I’ve received many requests from friends, phone sex callers, and fans to bring the work back to life. And within the respective communities of devotees who started websites dedicated to me, conversations regularly arose asking if anyone has copies of those older pieces.

While I now have other websites I’ve been working on this past year… these requests have not fallen on deaf ears. Due to the length of the material involved and their specific nature, it didn’t seem fitting to post these articles to my newer sites. And for that matter… I didn’t really want to just repost the essays in their original form.

So, while I had some time… I decided to open another new website, the one you are reading right now.

And I further decided that since I didn’t want to post the original essays again… I would instead rewrite the whole thing, article by article… expanding and updating my thoughts as I go.

So to all those who never forgot and never gave up… don’t say I’m never nice to you ~grinz~

Domina Cinara
Female Domination Phone Sex

Some don’t care for my conclusions regarding female domination and the BDSM community…
Particularly the more, shall we say appropriately self-centered viewpoints.

I don’t see my life as a dominatrix as being dedicated to the fulfillment of slaves.
Nor does my self-worth depend upon the opinion of those that are less than me.
Much of the “codes” I read are just a pile of sickening, mealy-mouthed bullshit.
Written by self-centered slaves and weak people posing as Mistresses.

It’s Nietzsche’s Morality of the Slave once again imposing itself on the Strong.
A way for the weak to try to control someone like me through subtle revaluation.

I enjoy my slaves as I see fit… and I do enjoy seeing them happy.
But what I want comes first… I’m not here to serve you.

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